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A premium quality quick-drying stain for interior hardwood floors, DriFast® Stain’s advanced technology formula provides speed and high performance for hardwood floor finishing professionals. Compatible with all Bona® waterborne systems and all other Bona ® finish systems.


The Bona Sealer and Finish System®: A system with endless possibilities. Putting truly great products together creates unbeatable floor protection, and a world of new options for craftsmen and homeowners. It adds the freedom of combining different colorations and durabilities. Bona Finishes perform even better with Bona Sealers underneath. Because Bona Sealers don’t just add coloration, they also make Bona Finishes adhere even better to the floor, creating unsurpassed floor protection. On any floor – home, office or heavy commercial – together Bona Sealers and Finishes produce the best floor protection available.

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