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In regards to the prefinished flooring as a site finisher we have a few issues in dealing with this type of flooring, A question you might ask is can we refinish a prefinished floor? and the answer is YES! and a second follow up question is can you recoat them to make them look new again or hide scratches? and again Yes! we can. Let's address the refinishing process, the finishes today are durable and are very abrasive resistant, aluminum oxide or ceramic finishes and some of the water base coatings require us to start our sanding procedures with a very coarse abrasives and in sanding through the grades we remove the bevels in your prefinished flooring to be come now a site finished floor and smooth like a table top, now water and dirt don't get trapped in the micro bevels, a site finished floor gives the character and the warm ambience that a prefinished can not give. 

We get lots of calls with respect to just sprucing up our floors or our family pet left scratches and we want that fixed. Can you help us? YES WE CAN!, we can recoat your prefinished flooring to look new again and even hide those scratches, we have a system procedure where we clean your floor then scrub and clean with a prepping agent warms the ceramic and oxide finish to give us a window to apply two coats of BONA Coating Traffic or HD Finish, in the before and after you can clearly see the scratches and after they disappear. It's less expensive than a complete resand or a complete removal for a new floor. 

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