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Site finished is really high end flooring.  It's a craftsman's canvas; artwork on the floor.

It used to be that hardwood floors called for time-consuming elbow grease to keep a waxed, shiny look.  Today, "the real deal" high quality hardwood installed on site can mean carefree, durable flooring.  With just a little proper care, well installed hardwood can look new for years.

On-site wood can be finished and recoated if a colour change is desired.  With site-finished floors, most often can get the same grade, width and species even if the wood was originally installed in the 1920s.  Standards have been set and maintained with respect to real hardwood grades.  A hardwood floor refinished with the latest coatings can last 25 years or more, some a life time. a 3/4 thickness can be sanded numerous times and we see character homes over a hundred years old still have a hundred years of sanding left, that's your money’s worth!

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